Beacon Paint


You can’t do much at the work site or at home without the proper tools, can you? Well, Beacon carries a wide array of tools, both large and small, powered and unpowered. And if you don’t stock the item you want, we can order it.We also rent tools.

You name the tool, there’s a good chance we have it: Hammers; screwdrivers; wrenches; pliers; pipe cutters; drill bits: blades; utility knives; wire brushes; tape knives; scrapers; wire cutters; safety equipment; and a lot more.

We also have loads of hooks, nuts, bolts, screws and anchors.

Material handling and storage issues can also be solved by Beacon, which can order an extensive list of products such as garbage bins; industrial work desks; casters; tilt bins; chrome wire shelving; and more.

We cut keys, too.