Beacon Paint


When the mercury starts climbing and the humidity soars, you will be cool and comfortable with one of our air conditioners. We have or can get just about any size unit for window or wall. Portable and casement units are no problem.

Beacon also provides quick delivery and will arrange quick installation as well.

We also stock multiple accessories, such as brackets, filters and foam pads to muffle those annoying drips from the air conditioner upstairs.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself as you prepare to purchase an air conditioner:

  1. Do you know how many BTUs you need? That will be determined by the square footage of the room to be cooled. (Note: If the ceiling is 10 feet or higher, you might want to choose a larger size unit). Please see chart below:
  2. Are you trying to cool down another area with same unit, such as a kitchenette or hallway? If the answer to this question is yes, again, you might want to choose a larger size unit.
  3. Is this going into a wall or a window unit?
  4. What is the model number of what you have in now?
  5. Are there any gates or bars on the window?
  6. If it’s a wall unit, is there a sleeve there?
  7. Does your building require installer to be insured?
  8. What voltage do you need? (See image below.) The only way to change the outlet from one voltage to another is to get an electrician to do it. (We can recommend one.)